Satisfying dishes with a seasonal touch

Edo cuisine consists of delicate dishes made with care from preparation through presentation, using seasonal ingredients. It is prepared using the best ingredients on each day, through the methods best suited to them. For this reason, the menu changes not just with the season but also from one day to the next.
Even when the menu is unchanged, seasonings may be adjusted slightly to match the day’s weather and temperature. Feel free to make any special requests to suit your preferences or dietary needs.

Lunch menu

* Sashimi and other a la carte dishes also are available.

Dinner menu

Special dishes

* A service charge of 10% (for banquets only during lunch hours) and consumption tax will be charged separately.

Our dishes


We serve a wide range of beverages including Japanese sake, shochu, wine, beer, and soft drinks.


Please make reservations in advance to ensure the best service.
When making a reservation, please inform our staff if there are any ingredients you would prefer not to be served or if you have any food allergies.

Please make the reservations by TableCheck Inc.

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